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Best Practices Guide
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Additional Information

Click the link to the left to access example warrants under CAL ECPA.

California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CAL ECPA)
Cal DOJ sample of filed ECPA search warrants

Click the link to the left to access the California state senate bill on electronic communications privacy.

DHS Digital Forensic Best Practices

Click the picture to the left to download the Best Practices Guide for Seizing Electronic Evidence provided by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

SLO County DA's Office Press Releases and News

This PDF is a detailed analysis of Carpenter, the recent US Supreme Court case on obtaining cell site information. 

This PDF is outlines the potential issue with phone search warrants and the 10 day rule.

This PDF is outlines the eCrimes : P v. Sanchez (2/25) Cal ECPA unpublished

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